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Wii Fit

Tell me about your experiences.

We have one at the house and I used it yesterday, made my little Mii, and then danced around doing yoga and electronically hula-hooping.

My abs, they hurt today. I guess it's from all the hula-hooping.

What do you guys think about it? We also have a Biggest Loser 'game' that scares me a little, just from looking at the box.

Talk to me, people.

Do you find yourself using it regularly? Does it help you set realistic goals? Or do you tuck the balance board away and let it gather dust after a few days of yoga? Do you use it as your only exercise routine, or do you have other things that you do?

BTW, push-ups combined with planks bite the big one, as I have no upper body strength.


I weighed myself today and I'm done TWO POUNDS!!
I looked around a bit on WW website and learned that if I'm exercising as much as I have been, I need to eat MORE. Who knew? Well, that's kind of what I've been doing. I am trying to eat my actvity points so that I don't send my body into calorie deficit and not lose anything. Hopefully, my theory will continue to work and I'm over the hump.

Brings my total to 27 pounds.

Top Banana Bread by The Hungry Girl

1 1/4 c whole wheat flour
1/4 c all purpose flour
3/4 Splenda, granulated
3 ripe bananas, mashed
1/2 fat free liquid eggs (I use Egg Beaters)
1/2 c unsweetened applesauce
2 t baking powder (low sodium would decrease the sodium content)
1 t vanilla extract
1/2 t cinnamon
1/2 t salt (I only use a couple shakes from the salt shaker...I don't like using a lot of salt in baked goods)

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What a breakfast

Egg in a mug w/laughing Cow Cheese....2 pts
unsweetened applesauce...1 pt
Hungry Girl Top Banana Bread...2 pts (OMG this is GOOD!!)
12 oz skim milk...2.5 pts

Damn...this is an early morning orgasm if there ever was!

Recipe for the banana bread to be posted forth with....

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More than a little frustrated

I've been with Weight Watchers since January 2, and while I understand the program and all, I've only lost appromiamately 25 pounds. I thought that by now I'd be down 30 or even 40 pounds. I get the points, I get the Filling Foods, I get the exercise. But 25 pounds over almost 8 months is disheartening.

My exercise program...
Cardio--30 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes on elliptiical
Strength--10 minutes on treadmill, strength training (abs, arms, legs in different combinations), 20 minutes on elliptical

I alternate between the two, taking 1-2 days off per week.

I have gone down a couple sizes in clothes....went from a 20W in pants to a regular 18 and from a 2x in shirts to a regular XL.

Should you weigh on a day after you workout, or after an off day?

But what am I doing wrong?

My starting points were 32 and that is where I lost most of the weight. The points went down to 28 per day and I started hitting the wall. I've been trying the Filling Foods technique, but it's difficult for me to eat with my family. On the regular points plan, am I supposed to eat all the 35 extra points? On the Filling Foods technique, am I supposed to eat the 35 PLUS the Activity Points I earn?

I have been toying with the idea of adding Alli but am still unsure about it.

I am doing WW online because of time restraints, but searching the forums for help and suggestions more time-consuming than productive.

Does anyone have any suggestions that can help me jump start? Any suggestions to change my workout routine?

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Cheesecake Factory Nutrition Info

I get daily emails from HUNGRY GIRL, and in today's email, it included a link to nutrition information for The Cheesecake Factory.




Death by overindulgence.....

Go HERE for you curiosity
There are ice cream sandwiches in my freezer that I'm trying to ignore this evening. I've already had one indulgence today and don't want another one... Well I WANT one... but I don't want the consequences.

Anyone have something to keep my mind off of the ice cream...

BTW, is anyone going to reward themselves if they meet their ultimate goal? I'm thinking of purging the underwear drawer and getting some stuff that is a bit more flattering...

Calories Per Day

Okay it's me again. Anyone else keeping track of calories per day?

I've averaged around 1650 for the last 3 days. Is this low enough to lose 1-2 pounds a week, if I'm burning about 300 calories 4-5 times a week running or other exercise? Or do I need to get it under 1500 cals/up my exercise to get lose 1-2 pounds a week?


Okay so this is the time of the day that is hardest for me to avoid snacking.  Kids are in bed, I still have about 3 hours before I go to sleep, and I'm mostly just relaxing on the couch with the computer and the tv - while chips or chocolate or what-have-you sounds so good.  Does anyone have good strategies for avoiding evening snacking that doesn't make me have to get off the computer?


Hello ladies,

I too have noticed the quiet that's settled around here these days. It's that time of the year when we're not quite busy but so used to being so we don't know what to do with ourselves!

That's how I feel anyway. =)

I would like to share a quick resource with you that my roommate and I happened upon a couple of weeks ago. I apologize if this has been shared here already!

Meet Calorie Count. For those of you who aren't in to counting calories - that's okay! This site has so many other resources to put at your fingertips! There is a PLETHORA of recopies, a forum, blogs, an activity log, and a chart that tracks your weight - very, very helpful.

Even if you don't do the calorie count thing, this site is great for telling you how well you're eating, too. Most of the foods in their database come with a grade (A-D), and you can add foods to your log on your own. As long as you know the weight of the serving you ate (and most nutrition labels have this), it'll be able to grade your foods for you.

This is a fantastic site! And it's very good at making sure you lose weight at a safe rate. If you're looking for some motivation to keep on track - here it is!

Oh, right, the best part: It's totally free. =)

Enjoy, ladies!